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Establishment of the Company!

The origins of lawyers and the first founders of law make their appearance.


The First Bar

As the legal profession continued to evolve and become more official in ancient Rome.


Legal Profession In The Middle

Lawyers in medieval times found themselves struggling to make a living as the legal.


History of Lawyers

It’s important to understand that the history of attorneys is filled with changes.

Our Strategy


Litigation can be laden with emotion and uncertainty. Our attorneys are committed to providing you with the support, attention, and consideration that you deserve.

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When you choose to work with Givens Givens Sparks, you are choosing a law firm comprised of some of the best trial lawyers in Florida. We are proud of our accolades.

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You may find yourself unable to work or complete work-related responsibilities safely. It may be difficult to go about your normal daily life as you’re used.

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Last seven years statistics

YEAR 2012 - 2019

When did lawyers first start practicing in the United States? It’s important to understand that the history of attorneys is filled with changes and fluctuations. In order for a society to need lawyers, there must be a certain level of advancement. This means that the first lawyers didn’t immediately appear in the Americas when the British colonies were established.

Business Law 90%

Personal Injury 85%

Health Care Law 74%

Criminal Law 88%

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